Trinity Vaping Family

Trinity Vaping Family

We treat our customers like family, because we are family – Mother, Uncle, and Sons. – Each with a different story, fueled by passion, salvation, and love. In the end, our biggest motivation is to ultimately promote change, for a better world.

Our collective emotions and passions are our ethos, and this is the fuel that drives us to bring the best tasting juices, and the highest quality hardware, to the market. All of our products are made in a state-of-the-art facility, located in the United States.

When you buy from our family, you become part of our family, and it is our privilege and duty to only offer the highest quality products to you–our family.

Meet the Trinity Family


Whether you are new to vaping or considered to be veteran, our goal is to provide premium products without the premium price to the entire vapor community.

Here at Dot Com Vapor our products are made in the USA, by Biochemists, Chemists, and Master Culinary Chef’s. The all new Dot Com Mod is the first hardware device made locally here in our home state of Washington. In the famous words of our founder,

“It’s a life changer!”

Built on family values:

Hawaiian vapor is the center of the Trinity family providing retail stores and only selling high-end products that have been created in labs by professionals. When you have family on your side, you can provide the best products and service. We only accept the best so you can have the best.

All you vaping needs.


We are Bang Bang Vape Co., established in 2014. Our father, the original “Bang Bang”, taught us to always fight for what you believe in and to do what you want. Boxing is in our blood. Our father never quit in the ring. We carry that same drive and tenacity in everything that we do. Like the original “Bang Bang”, we’re fighters. We believe in our company, industry, and freedom. Let’s get straight to the punch! We created a company to knock people out with great flavors. We have all tried good custards and tasty fruit blends. Prepare to get in the ring with our 5 amazing contenders that are sure to knock out your taste buds.

Enjoy and do what you want!


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